Ground & Garden Maintenance

We offer a regular or ‘one off’ grounds maintenance service here at Invicta whether it be a residential or commercial premises. If you have a large country garden or a hefty business premises which requires complete maintenance or just a grass trim every now and then, we can cover it all. The most common service we offer is weekly or fortnightly grass cutting. We can arrange a date and time suitable for our customers or can let ourselves in to your garden or business premises. You can feel safe in the knowledge that our team are all CRB checked with the Police, giving you peace of mind.

Some of the services we offer and are not limited to:

Invicta Treecare - Grass Cutting

Grass Cutting

Any size garden from residential or commercial premises are catered for.

Grass management contracts are welcome.

Invicta Treecare - Hedge Maintenance

Hedge Maintenance

Hedges ideally require trimming at least twice a year.

If the hedge is regularly maintained, it will remain healthy and beautiful.

Hedges which have grown out of control can be easily fixed, one of our team can explain this.

Invicta Treecare - Tree and Shrub Pruning

Tree and Shrub Pruning

Shrubs and trees will benefit hugely from being regularly maintained.

Invicta Treecare - Strimming


Sometimes, because of the shape and angle of a garden or piece of land it can be almost impossible to cut grass the regular way. This is the simplest and most cost efficient alternative.


Invicta Treecare - Brush Cutting

Brush Cutting

Overgrown gardens and pieces of land will require this to gradually bring it back under control.

Brambles and nettles are not a problem for our machinery.

Invicta Treecare - Border Care

Border Care

Keep your borders looking neat and tidy throughout the year.

Invicta Treecare - Aeration


Keep your grass healthy and looking great.

Aeration lets stale Carbon Dioxide out and Oxygen in whilst stimulating better root growth.

Invicta Treecare - Chemical Weed Removal and Control

Chemical Weed Removal and Control

(Qualified to NVQ PA1 & PA6)

Get rid of weeds for good with our commercial grade weed killers. Different applications give different results, for use on grass or around plants and trees.

If the service you require is not mentioned above then please make contact with us, we probably offer this service too and at a great price using our Best Price Guarantee scheme.